Teeth whitening

Beautiful snow-white smile is the first sign of health, prosperity and respectability. That’s why at nowadays teeth bleaching is very popular.

We use the most modern, safe and effective methods of teeth whitening with the help of Beyond system in our clinic. This technology is based on the activation of bleaching gel by a special laser lamp. Latest investigations in this branch of dentistry proved that this gel is the most safe one- it doesn’t influence on the chemical structure of tooth enamel, it doesn’t change it’s strength, it only ousts dyeing pigments. That’s why this procedure of bleaching is absolutely safe for the teeth, there are no such side-effects as high sensitivity, it doesn’t violate surface’s porosity.
Special lamp activates gel, that’s why it’s enough to visit the doctor doctor once in order to get the result you want. The amount of visits (time of whitening ), depends on the basic color of your own teeth. One visit- your teeth are whiter for 1-2 shades. Before starting teeth bleaching it’s necessary to remove plague and dental calculus by scalers and Air-flow.
All caries cavities and wedge-shaped defects need to be filled before whitening.